Long Couple Weeks & Unique Journey!

It’s the end of a long couple of weeks. Jonathan’s birthday on December 14th ended a big weekend for us.

As well as Jonathan’s birthday on that Sunday, that Saturday night we did our Annual Church Staff & Council Christmas Gathering. I try to make it a very nice surprise of an event, and this year did not disappoint.

An almost three hour drive to Riley’s Farm in Oak Glen in driving rain for a Christmas In The Colonies was a big hit. The rain, not so much. But the dinner was fabulous and the fellowship with an amazing group of leaders was phenomenal.

The weekend  was quickly followed with an anticipated decision-making process on our church building project. After a number of years processing concepts with the city, we finally received our building permit in November. The bidding process began immediately, and December 15 was the deadline for contractors to have their bids in.

The morning of the 15th sadly began with the unanticipated news of the death of Colleen’s last surviving grandmother, Grandma Marge Henderson. Her death added to the list of things happening that week that couldn’t really be unplugged without significant disruption to lots of other “dominoes”.

The process of deciding upon a contractor was difficult and longer than I expected, but on the morning of Christmas Eve, we finally made our decision. Our contractor will be a company called Focus Building Solutions from Santa Clarita. It was a very difficult decision for a lot of reasons, but I really believe Focus will do a fabulous job and am very excited we’ll be working with them. You can check out their website for some of the work they’ve done.

Last weekend, Grandma Marge’s death brought family into town that we didn’t expect but thoroughly enjoyed. Colleen’s brother, Sean, and his family stayed with us, and we shared great family time every evening they were here, including Colleen’s parents and sister and her kids as well.

Now, here I am sitting in a 34′ RV on our way to Texas. We left this morning around 9:30 with my sister, April, her husband, Tom, and her two kids. There are eight of us total, and we’re driving straight through between Tom and I, hoping to arrive at my parents’ place (about 30 miles east of Dallas) around early afternoon tomorrow.

So far, it’s been a good trip. We’re almost 12 hours in and have covered almost 600 miles as of this writing. Total distance is just over 1,500 miles.

We’ll be there until next Saturday, January 2, set to arrive home the evening of Sunday, January 3. Should be a very unique trip!

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