Long Time No Post

Yes….it has been too long. No excuses, but it has been quite busy. Soon after my last post, a good friend offered to refashion my blog. So, watch out for news soon and a whole new look. I am VERY excited!

Then, for those who may not have heard, a tragic Metrolink Train Crash occurred on Friday, September 12 just outside our city. 10 of the 25 killed were residents of Simi Valley. The next week was very busy as I had the honor of being involved as a Police Chaplain in a couple of remembrance events. I’ll write more on that later.

Topping it off is Colleen’s new job. She’s teaching the night class of the Certified Nurse’s Assistant Course at the Simi Valley Adult School on Monday nights, Wednesday nights and all day on Saturdays. She loves it, but the prep work is enormous as this is her first semester to teach the class. Every spare minute is spent prepping for the next class, so I’ve been trying to be around extra for the boys as Colleen studies away.

Add to the mix the Fall season at Church (always extra busy) and a building program we’re trying to get happening. You get the picture.

Enough for now. It’s late Saturday night, and there’s something about church in the morning…..

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