Long Week

Haven’t posted much lately, just because I haven’t had time or energy. I’m doing OK, really. Just had a couple of friend hospital emergencies.

One is a good friend who had complications from a bilateral knee replacement surgery done right after Christmas. Something called “compartment syndrome” has left an open wound on his leg from his knee clear down to his ankle. This week, he lost his shin muscle and several tendons to the damage it has done. It’s pretty gnarly and extremely painful for him. We’ve been on this hard journey together.

Then, another friend who attends our church, who is a 10+ year survivor of non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, was diagnosed this week with Small Cell Lung Cancer. This is a shock to all around her. She’s the picture of health in diet and exercise.

Doesn’t get any more clear than this …. when the nurse walked in with a bag to hang on the IV pole of her 2nd chemotherapy drug, she brought it in wearing THICK latex gloves (not just the thin ones you see in every doctor’s office and hospital) and a plastic apron! How’s that for making a statements about what they’re depositing into your body?

All that and more has made for a long week, and my blogging has taken a hit for it. I’ll be back more regularly soon!

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  • david and terry harvey
    Posted at 07:45h, 16 February Reply

    Hi Paul, thanks for the update. We love both you and Colleen. We will see you soon, I’m sure. it seems to always be at a hospital or some other unfortunate situation. However, God is still and always will be in control.Love you and really enjoy seeing you. Love, The Harveys

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