Mom’s Day 6.1

It’s about 3:30 CDT and I am blogging on my laptop right from Mom’s room. Amazing! I’ve been here with her for the last 3 hours, during which we’ve talked about all kinds of things that people who are under the influence talk about :^) – happy things though; good and funny things. Things that shall remain between her and I. She made me promise!

After a good session of physical therapy and a good dose of her pain meds, she is now sleeping peacefully. I have made the decision to stay another couple days and fly home, probably on Friday night.

Mom is still doing well and progressing, but is not out of the woods, especially in terms of her kidney. Her kidney is doing OK, but has been a little bit sporadic today. They believe it may be simply a result of her starting solid foods today. When they do that, they usually reduce the IV fluid intake, assuming you’ll get it from the solid diet. BUT, that’s not happening effectively yet, so they’ve reintroduced the IV fluids.

Probably TMI for you … I did just now get to watch a CareFlight helicopter land close up out the window of Mom’s room … COOL!

With my brother Steve, and his new wife, Danielle, living with my parents for now, one way they’ve been helping out has been by preparing meals. Neither of them are food pros, but I’m telling you, they could be! I feel like as far as food is concerned, I’ve been at a resort or something. It has been a joy to have the family eating around the same table again!

Before this trip, I had only met Danielle once, briefly, over a dinner with she and Steve last Fall. I don’t know exactly how to describe Danielle because I don’t know her well. She has quickly become a part of our family as though she has been around much longer than she has.

Danielle is funny, likes to have fun, and yet has been around the block for someone so young. She is very perceptive and is sensitive to other people. Seems to me my brother has done well in his choice of a wife.

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