My Jetson Connection Is Scheduled!!

Wanting to keep you posted, I just now finished having my capsule endoscopy scheduled for THIS Tuesday, March 16! It sounds like a minor miracle that we were able to schedule it so soon, so I’m very grateful for that!

It will be at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, and the procedure will require all day down there. As long as this has gone on, a day down there sounds like no big deal to me.

The last couple of days have been pretty overwhelming in terms of both the number of responses from you all as well as the amount of information there is available.

In brief, after talking with a couple people who have Chron’s, and reading the wealth of information available, the picture seems pretty clear to me that if that’s truly what this is, my experience (while painful, sometimes debilitating, and a downright nuisance) has been mild compared to others’ experience with it. I praise God for that, and believe that the prayer of God’s people has made that difference for me! Thank you!

The information I’ve read actually has given me quite a bit of hope the last couple of days, so I’m also glad for that.

Again, thank you ….. it just doesn’t feel/seem like those words are enough!

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