New York, New York….Day 5

Today was the final day of the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Conference. It started too early for me. Not the conference, but the day. Woke up at 7:00 am (which is 4:00 am PDT) to get ready for a breakfast meeting at 8:30 with Chuck and Doug Slaybaugh.

The conference sessions were excellent. However, the most exciting part of the day for me was lunch, not in the “recess was my favorite part of my day” way. I had the privilege of being involved in an Orientation and Q&A session on a new resource being made available for churches by EHS.

They have put together a “Church-wide Initiative Kit” that will include resources for a church to lead their congregation through an 8-week long series on the EHS principles. The kit includes materials that small groups can use to follow along with what is being taught on the weekends. It’s somewhat a similar concept as “40 Days of Purpose”, though the EHS material is entirely different from the 40 DOP material.

Doug Slaybaugh and I led the information orientation and Q&A for Pastors and leaders at lunch time. Of the 170+ registrants, there were about 70 who came to hear about the kit and ask questions. It was awesome to get to interface with leaders about this groundbreaking EHS resource.

After the Conference was over today, I got to have dinner with Mark & Pam Taft. They are Marriage Ministry Leaders at New Life Fellowship. Colleen & I met them almost three years ago when we came to New Life for some further EHS Relationship Skills Training. The Taft’s hosted us at their home, so we got to know them. It was great to re-connect with them. They also served as the Coordinators of the EHS Conference.

After dinner, they dropped me off at the hotel, where I crashed for about an hour. Now, I’m over at Pop Diner writing this and checking email. In the morning, we’ll check out of the hotel, attend the worship celebration at New Life’s 11:15 service and then spend the afternoon with Andrew & Laurel Favilla. They’ll drop us off at the airport for our flight home, which leaves at 7:00 pm EDT. Looking forward to being with Colleen and the boys, though they’ll be asleep when I get home.

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