Obama-Biden & McCain VP Political Technology Theatrics

First off, this is NOT an endorsement of any candidate. It’s just a humorous observation.

Most of us know, but few of us talk about, name searches on the web. The more visible and popular your name, the more important for you to buy the domain of your own name before somebody else does. No telling what others can do with your name.

Now, I haven’t done much with this, but to illustrate this VERY popularly, click the following two links:

Joe Biden & Joseph Biden.

To me, FUNNY! Someone somewhere got paid a lot of money to strategize this all out for both McCain AND Obama. Someone sat at a computer a while ago, tried to buy josephbiden.com and said &%#$*!!!!

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  • Matt Singley
    Posted at 23:38h, 24 August Reply

    Adding to the confusion…I typed “jobiden.com” the first time by accident (left out the first ‘e’) and it goes to yet another site!

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