On The Road Again …

It’s been three months since my last post … hard to believe. I’ve had a couple folks ask about the lag in posting to my blog. Fact of the matter is (and I’m sure you’re aware, in your own version), life is BUSY, ain’t it?

I find myself amazed at the speed at which life is passing by these days. My parents said it would be this way! You know … the older you get, the faster it goes …

Anyway, I’m sitting at LAX waiting on a flight that will take me on my Fall Study Break. I’m headed to Christiansburg, Virginia, where our denomination is setting up a Pastor’s Retreat Center.

They’re calling it the Life Center for Spiritual Renewal. It’s situated on several acres that used to house LIFE Bible College East, until they closed it a few years back. They’re taking 8 apartments and establishing a retreat center where Pastors can get away from a few days to a few weeks, if need be, for Study Breaks, Sabbaticals, or even Crisis Counseling.

The Director is my friend, mentor and Pastor, Chuck Shoemake. Those who are a part of NewHeart are aware that we also sent Pat & Mario Arciero, our Prayer Coordinators and “Resident Care Pastors” (when at home, they spend Thursdays at the Church Office calling folks and available for appointments), out there at Chuck’s request for September and October to serve as Hosts for Pastors who will be there. I’m looking forward to seeing them, the Arciero’s AND Chuck.

If I get a chance, I’ll post along the way, but no promises. I don’t know what the internet (or even time) availability will be like. These are almost always refreshing times in which I try to veer away from some of the technological ties. We’ll see how it goes.

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