Ongoing Saga

I am starting to feel like this digestive tract issue is just an ongoing saga! Felt like I was making some progress, albeit slow, until last Thursday.

The pain and nausea intensified and became constant and have continued as such since. Saw my regular doc on Friday, who is concerned about peritonitis. Gave me Zofran for nausea because the Tigan wasn’t effective. Well, neither is the Zofran.

Hoped to see my GI doc today, but couldn’t get in until Thursday afternoon. Will have to see how long I can hold out, though they have me on a cancellation list to see if I can get in earlier.

I am really tired of all this and am looking forward to some relief somewhere sometime. The nausea, burning, lightheadedness that often comes from just not eating much. Man, it’s wearing me out.

We’re observing Lent at NewHeart this year. Me personally, I’d like to give up all the pain and nausea for the next 40 days! Apparently, I don’t have much power over that decision!

Anyway, appreciate your thoughts and prayers! Will keep all posted as I know more!

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