Post-Christmas Reflections

I am in Homewood, California (west side of Lake Tahoe) with family. We are enjoying the afterglow of our first white Christmas. It’s Thursday (Christmas was Tuesday, for those who lose track of time the week between Christmas & New Year’s) and we are anticipating a good snowfall overnight.

The snow has been falling for the last few hours. It’s supposed to really pick up overnight. It’s currently 19 degrees, and supposed to get down to 5 degrees overnight! Then, after a break in the afternoon, we’re supposed to get another storm for Friday night into Saturday. Friday afternoon sounds like a sled-fest to me! My boys are gonna love that, as I have been quite the couch potato the last few days just decompressing.

It usually takes a me 2-3 days to physically and mentally decompress when I go away, whether for vacation or one of my study breaks. We left Sunday afternoon, and it only took us 8-1/2 hours to get here (I was thinking about 10), including stops. We made great time.

After all the prep for Christmas, both the trip here and church stuff, I was pretty tired and ready for the break. Lots of resting, relaxing, reading, wonderfully rewarding time with family, both my own and my in-laws, has been the order of the week!

You’re wondering…“Paul, you’re on vacation. What are you doing blogging?” Well, the place we’re staying at has wireless internet access and there are lots of good things that are accessible by internet for us and our kids, particularly informative stuff about the Tahoe area.

The kids have spent a good amount of time outside, but even they can only last so long in freezing temps! They’ve been enjoying plenty of movies and lots of Nintendo Wii time with their cousin. And, of course, we’ve all been enjoying the food that just tastes so much better when you’re not in a hurry in any way.

We plan to head home Sunday, but we’ll see what the weather holds!

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