President-Elect Obama It Is

Not all the votes are in, but the standard concession speech has been made. Short, simple, somewhat obligatory in nature in my opinion, and off into the sunset John McCain strode.

We now have our first African-American President. That in itself is quite the event, whether one voted for him, or supports him, or not. I pray for God’s hand of protection and wisdom upon him as he leads our nation the next four years.

In my opinion, the most important race has yet to be called …. California’s Proposition 8 that, if passed, will amend the state Constitution to define marriage as between one man and one woman. As of this writing, the state website shows Prop 8 with 52.3% of the vote for Yes! We’ll see where we stand in the morning.

I am sad to see that Prop 4 is at this point losing at 47.8%. I really believe when we made the mistake of Roe v. Wade, we spoke something into the following generations of worthlessness. Having worked with students from those generations and working with families today, and seeing where our American culture is at in our attitudes toward kids and their own self-beliefs, I believe we told them with Roe v. Wade that they are disposable.

Now, I pray that God turns the heart of this new President toward His Truth. I pray that God shines His light in Obama’s heart in a way that will be undeniable and will bring comprehensible change for the responsibility he carries.

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