Quite the weekend

I had a BLAST this weekend serving alongside two OTHER Pastors officiating Gaylord Wolfe’s wedding in Paso Robles. I REALLY enjoy officiating weddings, especially when a couple have made a concerted effort to put Jesus FIRST in their relationship as it develops toward the wedding.

I can’t remember a time when I have officiated along with another Pastor, except for one other time, just last April. I was asked to stand at the front and ask the “Who gives this woman…?” question while MY Pastor, Chuck Shoemake walked his daughter down the aisle and answered the question. That wedding was alot of fun too, because I have known Chuck’s daughter, Tisha, since she was a Jr. Higher!

Anyway, Gaylord’s mom and Cathy, his new wife, both hail from Paso Robles, so Gaylord is moving there, which is sad for us, but GREAT for him. It was a real honor to get to know these other two Pastors.

One is Pastor Steve Boggan, from Living Waters Christian Fellowship, in the Heritage Ranch area of Paso Robles. That’s where the wedding ceremony was held. Pastor Steve and his wife, Christina, have served there for 8 years now, but Pastor Steve has actually served 12 churches over 27 years!! WOW!!

The other Pastor is Pastor Steve Calagna (pronounced Kalanyay), from North County Christian Fellowship in Paso Robles. He planted that church 31 years ago and has led there ever since! It is always amazing to me how small the world is!

Pastor Steve (Calagna) told me he knew me from somewhere and recognized my name. Conversation turns out that he started his Masters of Divinity program in the same class I did back in August of 2000. BIG difference is that he finished and I didn’t … a whole other story. Anyway, later on he mentioned that he remembered leading worship for the class. As soon as he said that, I had this WILD deja vu moment and remembered his face from that class!

Getting to know those two guys was very cool and added to the blessing of the weekend! Another blessing was being able to get away for a little bit (even though it was a “working” weekend) with Colleen. With the kids at home, she doesn’t get to travel with me much when I do travel, so we treasure chances like this.

We stayed at a very nice, but affordable hotel. I think it was so nice because it was brand new. Hope they’re able to keep it as nice as we experienced it, which featured a great breakfast spread included in the price.

Well, we go down for breakfast and I run into two off-duty Simi Valley Police Officers, who also happen to be a newly married husband/wife couple. (For those who may not know, I am a Chaplain with the SVPD.) That was a fun surprise for the three of us!

When we got home, Colleen dropped me at a friends house, where I got to indulge in the Super Bowl on a great TV with some good friends who like to WATCH the game (a peeve of mine … I really enjoy WATCHING the game, including commentary and replays … am I getting too honest in this blog or what?).

I was personally glad to see Peyton Manning finally reach this pinnacle for himself. I was also proud of the way both coaches (who are strong Christians) handled themselves and their relationship with Jesus. I love to see God get the glory in our human endeavors!

I was also glad to hear that Brett Favre is returning for another season as Quarterback with the Green Bay Packers.

Anyway, that’s all for now!

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