Roller Coaster

The last few days have been BOTH invigorating AND draining. How can that be?

It’s been INVIGORATING to take a week off to be available for the needs of my family. Josh’s surgery went well, and that’s invigorating! Most of his recovery so far has gone well, and that’s also invigorating to me. At times through the week, we’ve SLEPT a lot ….. you know it …. invigorating. And, just being together as family ….. in-stinkin–vigorating!

Then, church this morning was incredibly invigorating! “Interactive Worship Sunday” for the first time and Katie Miller and the team did an amazing job leading us to the throne of God, not just in “song worship”, but in various forms of worship. It’s downright good to regularly remind ourselves that worship is not about US, it’s about GOD! It was Katie’s awesome idea and one we will do again!

It’s also been a DRAINING week. Taking care of each other is a LOT of work! 3 am pain med checks are no fun on the body! It’s great when recovery is going well, but when it’s not? DRAINING! I can NOT imagine what God the Father went through watching Jesus suffer. Seriously, NO comprehension here whatsoever.

I know it’s true for any parent, but it HURTS when you watch your kid hurt! Today turned out to be Josh’s worst day of pain so far. The anesthesia must have worn off overnight, because up until today we were thinking this was gonna be cake! Not to be, and that’s draining. He and I took a nap this afternoon trying to calm some of his hardest pain. When I woke up less than two hours later, I seriously thought it had to be Monday morning. I guess that’s how drained I was.

Anyway, it’s been a roller coaster!

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