Seemingly strange

Have you been following this Astronaut-turned-weirdo story? Lisa Nowak, a NASA Astronaut who flew the US Space Shuttle last Summer, went haywire.

The story so far goes that she had a crush on another Astronaut, whose mother-in-law now says Nowak ruined his marriage in ’05. Last weekend, she drove from her home in Houston, Texas over 900 miles to someplace in Florida … in an adult diaper! She didn’t want to have to stop for a bathroom break.

The purpose of the trip was allegedly so that she could kidnap and kill another lady who apparently is involved with the guy she has a crush on. She is now being charged with attempted kidnapping and attempted murder on the lady.

I know what you’re thinking …. we hear weird stories like this all the time! But about an Astronaut? An all-American role model like an Astronaut? Now NASA says they’re going to review the way they screen Astronauts.

I gotta make a connection here for you … “how could someone so supposedly upstanding go so haywire all of a sudden?” Like say, a Pastor, for instance. Get where I’m going?

It’s not just Pastors. It’s not just Astronauts. It’s human nature.

I’m reading a fantastic book right now called, “Overcoming the Dark Side of Leadership: The Paradox of Personal Dysfunction”. It asserts that we ALL have a dark side, and it’s called humanity. The only questions are: 1) what kind of dark side do we have, 2) do we recognize it in ourselves, and 3) what do we do about it?

In no way am I saying we’re all going to go haywire to the extent that Nowak may have. I am saying that all those people we are sometimes judgmental about? We are them! They are us! We are in the same boat, struggling with very similar life issues and making decisions everyday about who will really prevail in our lives … Jesus or Satan.

I really hate to sound simplistic, but it’s not as complicated as we sometimes make it. Whadya think?

  • Shurie
    Posted at 17:41h, 09 February Reply

    I thought this was very good insight. One thing I am learning in my Free Indeed class is that we make day to day choices as to who we will serve. I have found that some of the most disasterous decisions I have made in my life have been the direct result of serving myself. Christainity is the opposite. It is getting down on the ground and washing some feet. Otherwise, you end up sitting in your own mess after a very long drive.

  • Sherene
    Posted at 03:12h, 10 February Reply

    I know what you mean. We all have that dark side that shows up now and then when we least expect it. The thing I hope though, is that my connection to Jesus pulls me back into the light where I belong. Some people don’t have that and can’t pull themselves out of the spiral down. That’s where friends come in who have a strong connection to God, who can listen and be His vessel for healing.

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