Still catching my breath

Well, this week has been a bit slower than the last few, and for that I am thankful. But boy, I’ll tell ya … catching up doesn’t happen as efficiently as maybe 5 or 10 years ago!

The weeks began with a good Sabbath on Monday. A good day of STOPPING (did you know that’s the real meaning of the word “Sabbath”?). Got some good rest and relaxation before hitting Tuesday at full force.

Extra work is being done discerning the issue of filling the spot being left by the soon-coming departure of John Cox from our Staff. He’s served full-time the last four years and has been a great support, covering the areas of Worship and Youth so well.

Now, he is fulfilling a life-long dream of going full-time with his ministry, called Over The Top Ministries. He’ll be available to travel and speak at churches, youth camps, family camps, and other evangelistic events.

He will roll off staff on June 30, so there’s a few weeks left of trying to tie up some loose ends and say the farewells.

The cool thing is that while he is going off of our Staff, he’s not going anywhere geographically. The Cox’s remain committed to having NewHeart be their home church. Even Johnny will be available to serve on our Teaching Team still from time to time.

Meanwhile, we are in the process of conversation with one couple who we hope to meet at church on June 3. After church, we’ll spend the afternoon getting to know each other and determine if it would be good to move ahead in further conversation from there.

Please be praying that the Lord brings the right person to serve alongside us as we further advance God’s plan and purpose for us in reaching our city.

Change can be hard, but it can be good as well. Without it, we don’t stretch, grow and fully become all God intends for us to grow into. Listen, none of this change takes God by surprise. He knows what He is doing and this is in reality His church, not ours. He will bring the right person to help grow us, both individually and corporately.

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