Still Feeling Well But Not Out The Woods

Colleen is feeling much better today, reporting much less windedness with activity and no residual chest pain. THAT’S amazing!

However, the cardiologist and treating physician came in this morning and have decided to NOT discharge Colleen from the hospital today. Cardiologist cautioned against taking this circumstance lightly, emphasizing that this was and is a serious encounter. While the symptoms are disappearing, he says the pericarditis and effusion will take at least a couple weeks to clear completely. It will be important for her to follow up with her cardiologist at home to most likely do another cardiac ultrasound to be sure it has completely cleared.

While they are pleased with her progress, he again said that she is more prone to this recurring in the future and needs to be sure to not take any symptoms lightly if they occur again. They also sent in a rheumatologist yesterday for a full review of her lupus history. He is recommending some changes in her medication regimen in order to decrease the possibility of this happening again.

Rather than release her today, they went ahead and administered today’s round of steroids through the IV and will give her oral steroids tomorrow, then likely discharge her. They do want us to stay close by for a day or two just in case symptoms re-appear. We don’t yet know if there will be any restrictions on physical activity for a while, though she feels this morning like she can do pretty much anything.

That’s the news for this morning. Thanks everyone!!

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