Texas, Hold ‘Em….’Cause Here I Come!

I’m headed to Texas on Sunday! Our Annual Foursquare Convention is being held in Houston, Texas this year, starting on Monday. I’ll fly in Sunday.

Convention is always a great time of reconnecting with friends I don’t get to see very often and hearing the heartbeat of our Foursquare leadership throughout the week. As well as usually being a very uplifting time, there is also the Foursquare family business that is transacted during business sessions by the corporate body.

Ending on Thursday night, I’ll rent a car on Friday morning and drive the 4+ hours to Royse City. That’s where my parents, sister, Patty, and brother, Steve, live with their families, 20 miles east of Dallas.

Matter of fact, the family is growing while we’re there! My brother’s wife, Danielle, is expecting! We just heard today that since she is overdue, the doctor intends to induce labor Wednesday afternoon. If she hasn’t delivered by Thursday afternoon, they’ll perform a C-section. By the time I arrive there Friday, evening, Charlee Ann Kuzma will have graced this world.

Another avenue of excitement is that Colleen and the boys will meet me in Dallas. They’ll arrive Wednesday evening, and I’ll show up Friday evening. We’ll crowd my parents little abode until the following Wednesday. Colleen and the boys will depart Dallas and I’ll drive back to Houston to catch my flight home that night. (Long story about why….not worth going in to here.)

Now, here’s the deal for all you text messaging fiends out there. If you go to twitter.com, sign up for a free account, configure your account to have twitter messages sent to your phone, and then go to twitter.com/Paul_Kuzma and click “follow”, you’ll get the latest and greatest from Convention highlights to Kuzma News (KuzNews for short!).

Wondering what Twitter is? Watch this video, then go sign up!

I’ve been “twittering” for a couple months now and it’s great fun for the most part following some friends and family members in their daily lives, from the touching to the terrible to the trivial! (Come on, give me a break on the alliterations….I AM a Pastor!)

So, what are you waiting for? Get youself signed up and follow me to Texas!

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