THAT Was Weird!

nosebleedOK, so now that I am over it, and more like it, more over mySELF and my own embarrasment, I have to tell you what happened last week. It was the weirdest thing, though the doctor says it’s more common than most think.

I fly home from New York last Monday (May 4). Great flight. Stayed up the night before working so I could sleep the whole flight home, and it worked! Had to get up at 4:30 am EST, which is 1:30 am my time. That’s not the weird part, just the bad part.

Anyway, Tuesday at 11:30 pm, I’m just falling asleep when my nose drips. It’s annoying, out of nowhere, and won’t stop, so I rub my nose with my hand and my hand is all wet? What the….??

I stumble to the bathroom, turn the light on, and there’s blood all over! I’ve got a nose bleed, and it’s bleeding pretty bad. I’m soaking tissues. Overall, it takes me 55 minutes to get it to stop.

Wednesday, I’m feeling pretty anxious about what just happened. Colleen is thinking, “New York was humid. Now you’re home in dry weather.” I’m thinking, “this is weird”. Did I say that?

So, Wednesday at 4:00 pm, I’m in the middle of a meeting when I start to feel something funny running down my throat. A drip in my nose, a grab of a tissue, and doggone it, there it goes again!

Colleen takes me to the doctor, who informs me it’s like having vericose veins or hemerrhoids (did I spell that right?) in your nose. Great! Nice picture! Anyway, he says if it happens again and you can’t get it to stop in 15 minutes, go to the ER where they will put an inflated tampon up your nose! An ER Nurse friend later says they’re called “Rhino Rockets”. Pleasant sounding, huh?

Doc says if you can go 48 hours without a bleed, you are MUCH better. 36 hours later, 4:00 am Friday, it happens again! This time, thankfully less sever, and stops within 15 minutes. Colleen says, “You better go see the ENT today”, which I do only 8 hours later, around noon.

The ENT says the same things as my doctor did. Only, he says he’s going to cauterize it. Ahhh, a branding iron up my nose instead of an exploding tampon. Let’s see, which do I prefer?

Anyway, he says to cauterize it, he has to find the source of the bleed. To do that, he has dig around my nose and break the clot!! So dig he does (OUCH!), but he can’t find it! So, he says, some of these come from behind the nose in the sinuses, so I’m gonna put this foot long chrome stick in your nose with a light on the end of it to see if we can find it.

He can find NOTHING! So he checks again in both places. At this point, I am about to sneeze on him everything I have not blown out of my nasal cavities for a few days now. He is flabbergasted, gives me some saline solution and says, keep your nose wet. Hmmmm, sounds like my dog.

That’s my story. It was weird! I have no choice but to stick to it, and be glad there have been no bleeds since. Thank you, Jesus!

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