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Had a follow-up with my regular doc on Monday. Saw him back on the 15th to check out the odd white coating on my tongue. A couple people had asked if I had been checked for candida (a yeast in your body that apparently can overgrow when your immune system is weak). He thought it did look suspicious and went ahead and cultured it.

A week ago Tuesday he called and said it showed a heavy yeast overgrowth and 3 different bacterial infections. Could explain the return of the sweats and chills and fatigue. Put me on an anti-fungal med for the yeast and anti-biotic for the bacterials.

When I saw him Monday, he thought the tongue looked a little better, but cultured it again. Should hear back today or tomorrow on that. If it comes back with the stuff still there, he wants to do another round of meds.

Had a follow-up with the GI doc yesterday. Some are aware that the Reglan he put me on 2 weeks ago gave great results the first weekend. However, the nausea and pain flared up again a week ago Monday and hasn’t curbed.

Yesterday, he switched me to Erythromycin, which is an anti-biotic, but also is supposed to be stronger than Reglan at causing the stomach muscles to contract to push food out of the stomach.

One good thing is that I haven’t lost any weight in the last two weeks. That’s a positive sign that maybe something somewhere is letting up. Will see the GI doc in 4 weeks unless the Erythromycin doesn’t help in a week or so.

Colleen is doing better every day and the broken rib seems to be feeling pretty good. The insurance company did decide to total the van, so now we’re waiting for their offer to see what comes next.

That’s about it for now. (I know, isn’t that enough already?) Thanks for praying!

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