The Trip of a Lifetime?

I feel like I am about to embark on the trip of a lifetime. Seriously, what am I thinking?

Next Wednesday, June 6, after my son’s DARE graduation, I’m hitting the road in my little 1989 Honda Prelude with some munchies, some changes of clothes, and a few good books and mags.

I have no idea what the week in Texas will be like … somewhat of a strained family reunion. My little brother just arrived there, having moved with his girlfriend for a fresh start in life. My little sister will be there for a part of the time, and we’re awkwardly relating these days (long story). My older sister already lives nearby.

All of us there to spend time with Mom as she prepares for her high risk surgery on June 15. I guess this could be kind of like my New York trip back in March that many of you “came along on” via my blog.

I’ll blog about the journey, pics and all, if you want to join me. It’ll be a good way to stay connected and share what’s happening day by day.

All in all, I’m writing this entry tonight to just share that I am not sure what I’m getting myself in to. I am praying, of course, for my Mom’s health. That she’ll make it through surgery with flying colors and recover well. I am also praying for peace, for Mom, for Dad, for siblings.

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