Time Warp, Part 5

It’s late night on Easter Sunday. We enjoyed a terrific weekend of Easter celebrations at church. This year, I sang in the choir, the first time I’ve done so in at least 15 years. It was a real blast connecting with the choir partners! I even got to sing one of my Easter favorites as a solo, Don Francisco’s “He’s Alive” !

We left home about 2:30 this afternoon to head out on our journey. Colleen drove the first leg and I promptly knocked out for a couple of hours.

About just short of three hours in, we stopped for dinner at Bravo Cheese Farms in Traver, CA. Wonderful place to stop and visit if you’re on a road trip up the 99 freeway. You really should check it out if you ever have the chance. Colleen and I split a chicken quesadilla and Josh enjoyed the cheese enchiladas. Their salsa is quite something, though a bit too spicy for my stomach these days. They brought out some guacamole for me, which was also unique, but very tasty. Before leaving, we picked up some smoked gouda cheese and a jar of caramel apple butter. It’s that kind of place, and I’m a big fan of apple butter.

Back on the road, Josh was behind the wheel (he’s recently earned his driver’s permit) with Colleen navigating as I sat in back finishing two school assignments that were due by 9:00 pm West Coast time. I recently started an online Master’s Degree program through Liberty University. Not the best timing personally, but it was planned to begin before all of these new developments with Jonathan.

I’m working toward a degree in Human Services with a specialization in Marriage & Family. My first two classes in this program are Intro to Human Services and Human Growth & Development. Interestingly, both of these classes are mirroring our experience with Jonathan!

For instance, I had personally never really thought anything about the “Human Services” profession before researching this degree program. It’s essentially anyone who is in a caregiving profession, including Social Workers. I’ve known Social Workers without ever really being aware of what they do. Until we were assigned one when Jonathan was inpatient at UCLA at the beginning of March. Then I began to experience first hand what they actually do and what a huge resource they can be to families in crisis.

Another example is in the reading I am doing. In my Intro to Human Services class, just a week or two ago, I was reading all about residential treatment centers for adolescents. The timing is just incredible!

Anyway, just north of Modesto, we pulled into a Starbucks so that I could upload my assignments and celebrate with my beloved Grande extra hot Soy White Mocha, decaf, no whip. I took over driving duties from there and we arrived at Colleen’s brother’s place in Lincoln about 10:40. I do love long drives, so this week will be therapeutic, though tiring as well.

I also downloaded a neat little program on my iPhone that tracks your road trip, so every once in a while, I’ll connect our real time driving progress to my Facebook profile for the fun of it. If you haven’t already, friend me on Facebook and you can keep up with us throughout each day!

Time to hit the sack. We will try to contact Milhous Children’s Services first thing in the morning to see if they have made any progress wih Jonathan’s Placement Packet. If they are open to accepting him, even if still undecided, we’ll visit there first before heading to Elko, NV to spend the night with Colleen’s oldest brother who lives there.

It’s a week of big decisions. We are praying for grand clarity, great wisdom and discernment.

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