Washington, DC

It has again been a while since my last post. I am finding it an easier thing to post to the blog while I am traveling. Things get busy at home and travel seems to allow me some extra time to jot my thoughts and experiences.

It’s about midnight of Memorial Day 2006 and I’ve just a while ago arrived in Washington, DC for this year’s annual Foursquare Convention. I am traveling with John & Wendy Cox. I love being with the Cox’s. We always have alot of fun traveling together.

Convention will start on Monday night and conclude on Thursday night. I am excited to have Colleen and the boys arrive on Wednesday evening. While the Cox’s will return home Saturday, Colleen, the boys and I will stay through Monday for a long-anticipated DC family vacation.

Colleen and I vacationed here in 1993 and always dreamed of bringing our boys to this magnificent place for vacation someday. Now is the time. We’ve been talking about it for weeks. It was fun to have Jonathan discover last week that all this time, he was under the impression that we were going to Washington STATE to see some good friends that live there. We will get to see those friends here as they are also a Foursquare Pastor’s family who will attend Convention.

The Convention is being held (and we are staying) at the Hilton Washington, which our shuttle driver informed us tonight is the hotel that Ronald Reagan was shot outside of in his assassination attempt in 1981. Hmmm ….

More on Convention later as the week progresses.

For now, I thought some might get a kick out of seeing a couple of pictures of my Thunderbird after last Tuesday’s freeway accident. I don’t mean in any way to be morbid. I suppose that if injuries were involved, I would be hesitant to show the pictures. However, I am very glad to say there were no major injuries.

So far, those involved in the insurance process have each said, “I’m not supposed to say this, but I think it’s going to be a total loss.” Colleen and I are praying already for the Lord to help us make wise decisions regarding our next steps. We covet your prayers.

Stay tuned throughout the week and I’ll post some of our experiences, and as always, leave a comment to let me know you were here. If you have experience in DC and can suggest anything kid-friendly, let me know!

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  • Dan
    Posted at 23:23h, 29 May Reply

    Hi Paul. If you can’t drive, you may as well fly. Of course all the memorials etc. are great, but the FBI building and the Smithsonian Museum Areospace section were my favorites when I was a kid. Enjoy!

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