Weekend Reflections

  • Another awesome weekend at NewHeart! Worship rocked (not just “rock ‘n roll” in that, but “rock your world if you let it” is more like it).
  • Second Sunday every month is “Family Sunday”, when we have our kids in with us during worship. Great way for kids to see worship modeled. Today being Veteran’s Day, I thought it was great for them to see us remember our veterans as a church family too!
  • Started a new series today. I’m calling it “Seasons” and talking about the different seasons of life God walks us through. At the end of each service, we took some time to be silent and ask God to reveal what season He has us in and how we should respond to it. Then, we asked people to share if they wanted to. End of second service was amazing!
  • Sounds like God has us as a church in a season of harvest. I don’t get that by numbers necessarily, but by what God is speaking to a number of folks.
  • My beard is growing still, and so are the questions. Again, NO, I am NOT growing a beard … just being lazy. I think it’s OK to be lazy about some things once in a while … not ALOT of things, just SOME things. It’s still there because Colleen said, “Let it go another week if you want.”
  • Only 43 days left till Christmas! I’m putting some lights up this week because I can’t WAIT! I’ve never gone this early before!
  • Our boys’ football season ended yesterday with a loss. I’ll miss the camaraderie and cherish the new friendships. Just realized this week that my boys will leave this team next year as they move UP a level and most of the team stays where they are.
  • I’m looking forward to some gym time! I don’t know that my body is, but the rest of me is ready!
  • Took time yesterday evening to pick up a couple of very good friends of my boys who live a couple hours away. Met them and their dad halfway, but didn’t anticipate some pretty heavy traffic. What should have taken about and hour took us two and a half! I wasn’t all the way done with my message, so bedtime didn’t come until 1:30 am! I was TIRED this morning, but God still showed up!
  • Gave blood today at church. Really! A lady in our church organizes a blood drive twice a year. What a great way to give life to others!
  • Saw “Fred Claus” with the family and some friends this afternoon. Funny movie, though I cringe at the allowance for stuff like couples living together before marriage being an OK thing.
  • Got our first comments back this week from the Planning Department on our upcoming bathroom and entryway remodel, which will be more extensive than it looks. Not too bad a list of requests. We’ll meet this week with the contractor to adjust the drawings some and resubmit. Keep your ears and eyes open for more info soon.
  • Aaron Brant
    Posted at 04:13h, 14 November Reply

    Hey this is that weird guy who emailed you about your churches open youth ministry posistion. I noticed that no one comments your blogs, that’s a shame. Well in all honesty no one comments mine either. Anyway I know that you don’t really know me, but I found the link to your blog from your churches website and I so my wife and I have been reading it so that we can get a feel for you and your church. Who knows God may have us working together in the future. I’m excited to read about all the things your church has been doing. It is apparent you love the Lord and eagerly serving Him. Well I suppose that is enough rambling from a stranger. Hoping to hear from you soon.

    May God bless you always,
    Aaron, Sarah and Baby Judah Brant.

  • Pastor Paul
    Posted at 17:17h, 14 November Reply

    Thanks for the comment Aaron!

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