Welcome to Houston

WOW! It’s 10:15 pm here (CST) and it is 82 degrees (“feels like 90 degrees”) with a whopping 85% humidity!! Talk about sucking for air!

Total miles driven in three days – 1,655. For Day 3, still no nodding off! I do have to say that the drive is not the most scenic. I kinda expected more scenery.

Just got off the phone with my little brother, who just got married on Monday to Danielle – congratulations! They are currently living with my parents.

Steve gave me the good news that they found out my Dad’s hip does NOT have muscle detaching from it. A bone density test and x-ray showed a stress fracture at the top of his thigh bone. This is good news in that there will be no surgery. He’ll do physical therapy once a week for a while.

Mom’s pre-op appointment today for next Friday’s surgery was apparently pretty uneventful. However, Steve reports that there is a Starbucks on the bottom floor of the medical center!

Tomorrow, I’ll connect with Matt, Kerry and Gramps somewhere around Galveston, where Matt’s ship, the USS Kidd, will be commissioned during an evening ceremony. Hoping we’ll get a tour of the ship from Matt as well.

Off to some reading and sleep….

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