What’s The Big Deal About Israel?

I mentioned in my message last Sunday just a little bit about the importance of Christians standing with Israel. I believe it’s particularly important to talk about this in light of President Obama’s recent statement.

It took me a long time as a Christian to get this issue. By “getting it”, I don’t claim to FULLY understand it. I do understand it, just not fully in the sense that I could fully explain it.

However, I came across something today that does a far superior job than I ever could, written by Jack Hayford. For those who aren’t familiar with him, Jack Hayford was the Pastor of The Church On The Way, which is probably Foursquare’s best known church. (Foursquare is the denomination we are part of.) He also served as Foursquare’s President from 2004-2009.

I suggest reading his article here.

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