Where I’ve Been & Where I’m Going

Hey everyone! For those wondering where I’ve been ….. well, nowhere really. There was a short trip to Ventura to celebrate our 22nd anniversary, but other than that, life has just been hectic. Too hectic, in my opinion.

Preparations for Easter always take aLOT of time and energy. The aftermath takes some recovery time too. At church, this was the best Easter we’ve had in years! People REALLY invited people, and our attendance that day was DOUBLE our current average. Quite a number of people gave their heart to Christ and even more re-dedicated their lives to Jesus. It was a GREAT and very encouraging Easter!

Last weekend, we started a new teaching series called, “Shameless”. Developing a new series always takes extra time as opposed to putting together each week’s message. There is extra time involved in mapping out the series, developing graphics, and more.

Now, this week, I am making final plans to head to New York City on Monday. I am traveling with my Pastor, Chuck Shoemake, and his wife, Ruby. We’ll tour NYC on Tuesday and Wednesday, then attend the Emotionally Healthy Spirituality Pastors/Leaders Conference on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. We’ll fly home late Sunday night.

I currently volunteer as a Ministry Representative with EHS, speaking with Pastors and Leaders all over the US and Canada about implementing the EHS principles into the life of a congregation. It’s a real privilege to serve this growing ministry. I am looking forward to connecting with some (becoming) old friends in NYC and meeting new ones toward the cause of helping people connect their emotional health with their spiritual maturity.

Chuck and I took this trip together last year. This will be Ruby’s first time in NYC, so it will be an extra treat. We have plans to do the red bus double decker tour, Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty, among other sites.

All that to say …. that’s where I’ve been and that’s where I’m going. If you want to come along, check back daily next week and I’ll blog about our trip!

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