Wild & Crazy 24 Hours!

So, yesterday (Thursday), I go see my regular doc. I’m on the Reglan the GI doc put me on, no idfference yet, but friends are saying, “have you had anyone check for a candida fungal infection?” Nope, says I. Whatever. It can’t hurt to ask, and I’m still feeling miserable.

Doc says, sure, it looks suspicious, let’s culture the tongue and see what happens. In the mean time, let’s start the anti-fungal med and we’ll know on Monday.

OK, so get the med, add it to the regimen. Few hours later, the cloud clears. For 2-3 hours, I am pain and nausea free for the first time in months. 14 weeks to be exact! It was a




Had me actually thinking …. Lord, I’ve been praying for weeks, and intensified this week …. this MUST be the week for BREAKTHROUGH. I’ve had enough. I’ve been held back enough by all this.

Now, Thursday night, I sense breakthrough. OK, my cynical self says, what’s gonna happen tomorrow? Why breakthrough tonight? Something up with tomorrow?

Pause — sleep —

Moments after Colleen drops our High Schooler and his carpool at school, she calls me. “I’m OK, but I’ve been in an accident.”

Up and at ’em and to the scene I speed in my Black Crown Vic with Police Interceptor engine to find her handling this very well and a few PD friends realizing, oh, this is Paul’s wife. They were all professional, as they should be, but politely so in a brotherly, This is our Chaplain, way.

Everyone involved were OK, thankfully. As the scene cleared more, Colleen began to feel severe tightness in her back. To the doctor we go without appointment, who takes her right away. It’s just good to know people!

A little examination and a short wait for xrays and she is in bed with muscle relaxers and ibuprofen. A few phone calls made and work is taken care of for tomorrow, and the insurance process is rolling. A few errands run and the van is cleaned out, most probably never to see our driveway again.

Most importantly, Colleen is OK. Confirmed a nondiscplaced fractured rib on her left side, but that will heal with good time and adequate rest over the next few days. She will probably be sore for the next couple days. We’ll do our best to keep her down and resting.

Another note comes in that my Mom was sent to the hospital yesterday in Texas and was sent home with Pneumonia in one lung. Hopefully she recupes fairly quickly as we hope to bring her and Dad out to spend the Summer with us and my sister’s family as well. Need her healthy to do that.

That’s all. For now. For all of you as well, thank you. That’s. All. We. Can. Handle. Lord? Are you hearing me?

  • tim & deb
    Posted at 05:57h, 18 April Reply

    That’s Exactly what I said. ENOUGH, Lord.

  • kelli
    Posted at 06:19h, 18 April Reply

    So glad that, overall, everyone is ok.I so hope that you are on to something- wouldn’t hat be great!!! Praying for all of you, her and abroad. (Texas is another country, right?)

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